wdmapper provides several commands to perform different tasks.


Get mappings from Wikidata based on given properties. Examples:

$ wdmapper get P214 --limit 10
$ wdmapper get P214 P2428 --limit 10

Output format can be controlled with option to having BEACON format as default. Number and order of results can be influenced by options limit and sort. See Wikidata BEACON generator for a similar online tool.


Check whether all input mappings are also in Wikidata.

$ wdmapper get P214 P2428 --sort --limit 10 --to csv > mappings.csv
$ # ...wait until Wikidata could have been modified...
$ wdmapper check P214 P2428 < mappings.csv

Each output line is preceded by a marker to indicate which input mappings have been found in Wikidata and how mappings in Wikidata differ from input mappings:

  • If the same link was found in Wikidata, it is preceded by “=”
  • If a same link was found in Wikidata but with different annotation (different item or item label), it is preceded by “~”
  • If the link was not found in Wikidata is is preceded by “+”. Following link lines starting with “-” indicate that other links would have to be removed or merged to add the missing link to Wikidata.

Use command diff instead to compare full sets of mappings.

Use cases:

  • Detect mapping changes in Wikidata
  • Check whether mappings can be added to Wikidata
  • Lookup mappings for given identifiers


echo ,114 | ./ --no-header check P757


Compare input mappings and mappings at Wikidata. This can be used for instance to regularly check whether mappings at Wikidata have been changed:

$ wdmapper get P214 P2428 -t csv > mappings.csv
$ # ...wait until Wikidata could have been modified...
$ wdmapper diff P214 P2428 -t csv < mappings.csv

Each output line is preceded by “+ ” if an input link is missing in Wikidata or “- ” if a link from Wikidata is missing in the input.

The output is sorted by links. Option “limit” implies option “sort” to get stable results. Use command check instead to compare a limited set of mappings against mappings on Wikidata.


Read input mappings to check or translate between mapping formats. This is the default command if no properties have been specified as command line arguments. Examples:

$ wdmapper convert -i mappings.csv -t beacon
$ wdmapper convert -f csv -t beacon < mappings.csv > mappings.txt


Add input mappings to mappings at Wikidata unless already there. Better first try command check and/or command “add” with option “dry” to find out what statements would be added to Wikidata.

not implemented yet


Align Wikidata mappings and input mappings by adding and removing mappings in Wikidata: missing mappings are created and additional mappings are removed.

not implemented yet