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This is my first Python project so I try to follow best-practice I could find. Please let me know if I either missed something or if I was to pedandic!

Running from source

You can manually execute wdmapper from source tree for testing:

$ ./

Issue tracker

Please report bugs and feature requests at!

Development requirements

Additional requirements for development are listed in dev-requirements.txt. Install via pip -r dev-requirements.txt.


Please test functionality with unit tests, located in directory tests.

$ python test
$ pytest

Run a single test file:

$ pytest tests/test\

Test plugins and default options are configured in setup.cfg.

To run all tests with multiple versions of Python use tox:

$ tox

It is important to check with tox to ensure compatibility with both Python 2.7 and Python 3.x. Which versions to test with and other options are configured in tox.ini.

Tests are also executed at after pushing commits to GitHub.